Table 1

Global examples of vaccine waste including reasons

Country/territory/regionNumber of vaccines wastedReasonDate
Hong KongUp to 2 millionVaccine hesitancy, below 20% of the population had been vaccinated and this low up-take led to a potential wastage of up to 2 million vaccinesMay 2021
African countries, include Malawi, South Sudan, Liberia, Mauritania, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Comoros, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.450 000Expired due to delays in shipment of vaccine doses and therefore no time to roll-out before expiration dateJuly 2021
The Netherlands39 000–200 000Since they are surplus and about to expire and the Dutch law states that medicines that have been delivered to doctors for their patient cannot be traded, even if it is for charity and free of chargeJuly 2021
Ireland (Republic of)220 000Vaccine expiration of boostersAugust 2021
Catalonia, Spain69 129Too many vaccines defrosted due to miscalculation and declining vaccination ratesSeptember 2021
AustraliaUp to 7 millionExpiration and unwantedOctober 2021
Madrid, Spain117 977ExpiredNovember 2021
UK600 000Vaccine expirationNovember 2021
South Korea938 630Expiration—913 817 (97.4%)
Temperature excursions—21 260 (2.3%)
November 2021