Table 1

Overview of interviewees by WHO region and county

WHO regionCountryScale of decision making# of Interviewees
African Region (AFRO)Ghana (GH)National (n=1)1
Nigeria (NG)State/provincial and university level1
Uganda (UG)National (n=4) and university level (n=1)4
Region of the Americas (PAHO)Canada (CA)State/provincial (n=3)3
Colombia (CO)Local (n=2), state/provincial (n=1), national (n=2)3
USALocal (n=1), state/provincial (n=2), national (n=4), regional or international (n=3) and university level (n=1)5
European Region (EURO)Denmark (DE)National (n=1)1
Sweden (SE)National (n=2)2
UKNational (n=3)3
Western Pacific Region (PAHO)Australia (AU)State/provincial (n=1)1
Hong Kong (HK)National (n=3)3