Table 1

Logistic regression adjusted odds of reported postpartum haemorrhage in intervention and control hospitals with an interaction term

CategoryORLower 95% CIUpper 95% CIP value
Intervention (reference=control)0.600.540.67<0.0001
Duration of study (ref=baseline, 1–3 months)*
4th–9th month†1.040.881.220.6607
10th–15th month‡1.030.871.230.6976
16th–21st month‡0.800.660.960.0197
Interaction of intervention and study duration segments (ref=baseline, 1–3 months)
4th–9th month in control hospitals1.140.761.710.5414
10th–15th month in control hospitals1.490.992.220.0546
16th–21st month in control hospitals1.711.172.490.0057
4th–9th month intervention hospitals0.690.490.980.0388
10th–15th month in intervention hospitals0.530.350.790.0021
16th–21st month in intervention hospitals0.270.170.44<0.0001
Occupation, unemployed (ref=employed)
Received antenatal care, yes (ref=no)0.530.430.64<0.0001
Education level (ref=less than secondary education)
Referred to hospital, no (ref=yes)<0.0001
Rural (ref=urban)0.810.631.060.1193
Never married (ref=married)0.720.351.510.3841
Multiple babies delivered (ref=single)0.560.320.990.0469
  • *Baseline period.

  • †Intervention period.

  • ‡Postintervention period.

  • ref, reference.