Table 5

Univariate analysis of associations between variables and failure to identify COVID-19 positive samples

Variables suspected to be associated with the dog’s performanceOR*95% CI†
Alpha variant (vs wild-type)14.04.5 to 43.4
Presence of COVID-19 symptoms2.20.3 to 19.3
Female (vs male)0.80.3 to 1.8
Concurrent chronic disease1.00.4 to 2.9
Days between start of symptoms and sampling (days)1.00.8 to 1.2
Days between PCR test and sampling (days)1.10.8 to 1.5
301.00.7 to 1.3
40 (reference)1
500.70.4 to 1.3
600.50.1 to 1.7
  • *OR, Odds Ratio.

  • †CI, confidence interval, significant only when not including the number one.

  • ‡Age was included by using restricted cubic spline functions (see text for details).