Table 1

Estimated number of active TB cases detected and cost per DALY averted for HCD-informed TB contact investigation in Uganda

DesignBoundActive TB prevalence (cases/100 people)Incremental contacts reachedIncremental cases detectedIncremental cost of HCDCost per case detectedDALYs averted per case detectedCost per DALY averted
HCD as ‘disruptive’:
no activity without HCD
Low2.272015.8US$356 000 + US$0.41/contactUS$24 9000.345US$72 100
Mid3.122.3US$17 700US$51 200
High4.431.7US$12 400US$36 100
HCD as ‘incremental’: 40% efficiency without HCDLow2.24329.5US$356 000 + US$0.41/contactUS$41 5000.345US$120 200
Mid3.113.4US$29 400US$85 300
High4.419.0US$20 700US$60 100
  • DALY, disability-adjusted life year; HCD, human-centred design; TB, tuberculosis.