Table 1

Summary of data availability, globally and for Sustainable Development Goal regions

Outcomes:Abortion or intentionAbortionAbortion or intentionAbortion
including minima/maxima/ranges:YesNoYesNo
Number of countries1661507515212652
Per cent of countries857738786527
Per cent of women989575966743
Sub-Saharan AfricaObservations299212391339520
Number of countries474312444110
Per cent of countries948624888220
Per cent of women1009852999749
Western Asia and Northern AfricaObservations198421057134
Number of countries171431693
Per cent of countries685612643612
Per cent of women9477390403
Central and Southern AsiaObservations257521392306
Number of countries1413813115
Per cent of countries1009357937936
Per cent of women1009592999389
Eastern and Southeastern AsiaObservations22412289824424
Number of countries1413613113
Per cent of countries827635766518
Per cent of women97977695335
Latin America and the CaribbeanObservations29015781925226
Number of countries30291425224
Per cent of countries797637665811
Per cent of women95958383601
Number of countries762521
Per cent of countries706020502010
Per cent of women979772963311
Europe and Northern AmericaObservations1032617580295195185
Number of countries373230363026
Per cent of countries907873887363
Per cent of women999388988681
  • Abortion refers to abortion incidence data, and intention refers to data on the proportion of births unintended. Data were input into the model as point estimates, minima, maxima or ranges; the leftmost column of each panel counts all types of data (a/d), whereas the middle and rightmost columns of the two panels refer to data that were classified as point estimates (b/c/e/f). Whereas the middle columns of each panel count countries with data treated as point estimates (b/e), the right columns of each panel count only countries with point estimates of abortion incidence (c/f). Country groupings are in online supplemental appendix table A1.