Table 1D

Asian region countries: COVID-19 cases and deaths (data from 2 May 2021), data on the number of children screened and diseases included, and the overall impact of COVID-19 pandemic on newborn screening. Legend: N/A - The question was not answered.

Country (region)Population (in millions)COVID-19 cases per million (in thousands)Deaths due to COVID-19
(per million)
Wave with more impact on the countryWave with more impact on NBSAverage number of newborns per country (2015–2020; from 30 June of the initial and final year)Newborns screened/year/centreNumber of diseases in NBSImpairment of NBS during the pandemic*Were there plans/guidelines for NBS during a pandemic
 India (South India, Telangana)1391.314.317157Both equallyBoth equally24 237 733600021–30A lotNo
 India (Karnataka)1391.314.317157Both equallyNone24 237 73330006–10LittleNo
 Indonesia275.96.078166SecondN/A4 841 68010 0001–5LittleN/A
 Japan (Sapporo)126.24.73482FirstNone953 388950 00011–20NoneNo
 Philippines (Davao del Sur)110.89.521157Both equallyFirst2 177 879314 687†21–30LittleNo
 Sri Lanka
 (Southern Sri Lanka)
21.55.20132SecondBoth equally339 036160 0001–5A lotNo
 Taiwan (Taipei)23.9480.5FirstFirst199 57255 00031 or moreNoneYes
 Vietnam (Hanoi City)98.1300.4FirstFirst1 609 918~150 00031 or moreLittleNo
  • *A 5-point Likert scale was used to determine the impairment (1=none, 2=little, 3=moderate, 4=a lot, 5=a great deal).

  • †The exact number is given for year 2020.

  • N/A, not available; NBS, newborn screening.