Table 1A

European region countries: COVID-19 cases and deaths (data from 2 May 2021), data on the number of children screened and diseases included, and the overall impact of COVID-19 pandemic on newborn screening. Legend: N/A - The question was not answered.

Country (region)Population (in millions)COVID-19 cases per million (in thousands)Deaths due to COVID-19
(per million)
Wave with more impact on the countryWave with more impact on NBSAverage number of newborns per country (2015–2020; from 30th june of the initial and final year)Newborns screened/year/centreNumber of diseases in NBSImpairment of NBS during the pandemic*Were there plans/guidelines for NBS during a pandemic
 Austria9.168.71132SecondBoth equally87 85085 00021–30ModerateNo
 Belgium (Liege)11.685.42085SecondSecond124 37516 00011–20LittleNo
 Croatia4.182.11759SecondSecond37 23440 0006–10ModerateNo
 Cyprus1.254.6258SecondBoth equally12 55195001–5LittleNo
 Czechia10.7152.42739SecondSecond111 358110 00011–20LittleNo
 Germany84.040.8998SecondBoth equally/none779 23660 00011–20A lot/noneNo
 Greece10.433.41007SecondBoth equally82 63580 0001–5LittleNo
 Hungary9.681.22884SecondNone92 24933 00031 or moreNoneNo
 Hungary (north-west region)9.681.22884SecondFirst92 24955 000–60 00021–30LittleNo
 Kosova1.759.71229SecondBoth equallyNot statedNo NBSNoneN/ANo
 Lithuania2.792.81469SecondBoth equally29 20924 0001–5LittleNo
 North Macedonia2.173.32369SecondBoth equally22 65819 00011–20LittleNo
 The Netherlands17.287.81000First/both equallyFirst/none171 751170 00021–30None/littleNo
 Portugal10.282.31669First*First80 57490 00021–30ModerateNo
 Romania (regional centre Bucharest)19.155.31478Both equally/secondFirst/both equally191 57780 9901–5Little/moderateNo
 Slovakia5.570.12154SecondSecond57 08457 00011–20ModerateNo
 Slovenia2.1116.42056FirstFirst20 171~20 00011–20ModerateNo
 Spain (Andalusia)46.875.61673FirstFirst397 799N/A31 or moreA lotNo
 Sweden10.297.11385FirstBoth equally118 087116 00021–30A lotNo
 UK68.264.81870OtherOther771 936750 0006–10LittleYes
  • *A 5-point Likert scale was used to determine the impairment (1=none, 2=little, 3=moderate, 4=a lot, 5=a great deal).

  • N/A, not available; NBS, newborn screening.