Table 1

Overview of the latest travel restrictions taken by the Hong Kong and Singapore governments as of 20 August 2021

Hong KongSingapore
Risk assessmentClassificationHigh-risk (Group A), medium-risk (Group B), low-risk regions (Group C)Category I, II, III and IV with risk increasing from I to IV
Travel banOnly allow entry for: (1) vaccinated Hong Kong residents from Group A places; (2) all Hong Kong residents and vaccinated non-Hong Kong residents from Group B places; (3) all travellers from Group C placesDeny/tighten the entry approvals of selected regions; established the VTL
QuarantineFinancial responsibility for travellersAll self-fundedAll self-funded
Private transportYesYes
Visitor banYesYes
Length of stayGroup A: 21 days
Group B: 21 days (unvaccinated)/14 days (vaccinated)
Group C: 14 days (unvaccinated)/7 days (vaccinated)
Category I: 0 days
Category II: 7 days
Category III/IV: 14 days
FacilityGroup A/B/C: designated hotelsCategory I: Not required
Category II: Traveller’s chosen accommodation
Category III: Dedicated SHN facilities (if not fully vaccinated)/Home (if fully vaccinated)
Category IV: Dedicated SHN facilities
SurveillanceLocation-sharing software, video calls, manual spot-checksElectronic monitoring device, physical spot-checks
Contact tracingForwardYesYes
COVID-19 testingPre-departure test certificateNegative PCR test result for all travellers within the past 72 hoursCategory I/II: Not required
Category III/IV: Negative PCR test results within 72 hours
VTL: Negative PCR test result within 48 hours
On-arrivalPCR test for all travellersPCR/ART test for all travellers
Before compulsory quarantine endsGroup A: 6 PCR tests
Group B: 6 PCR tests (unvaccinated)/4 PCR tests (vaccinated)
Group C: 4 PCR tests (unvaccinated)/2 PCR tests (vaccinated)
During SHN: 3 ART tests for travellers serving SHN at dedicated facilities
Exit SHN: 1 PCR test for travellers from Category II/III/IV places
After compulsory quarantine endsGroup A: 1 PCR test
Group B: 2 PCR tests (vaccinated)
Group C: 4 PCR tests (vaccinated)/2 PCR tests (unvaccinated)
VTL: 2 PCR tests on days 3 and 7 of traveller’s stay in Singapore
Financial responsibility for travellersART: self-funded
PCR: free
ExemptionMaritime workersSuspending crew change arrangement of Group A, banning vessel crew members from going ashore, pre-departure PCR test (within prior 48 hours), on-arrival PCR test, point-to-point transportation
  1. Locally based workers: comprehensive vaccination, 7 day RRT, frequent PCR test, administer PCR tests to shore-based workers boarding ships, and a segregation arrangement afterward, enhanced safety management measures

  2. Inbound workers: additional stay and testing regime at dedicated facilities after 14-day SHN

AircrewPre-departure (within prior 48 hours) and on-arrival PCR tests, point-to-point transportation, hotel isolation until next duty flight, shortened isolation period for local-based aircrew, an additional PCR test before leaving isolation or before duty flight’s departure
  1. Arriving aircrew: PCR test, 7 day RRT and additional ART test for high-risk aircrews, vaccination of aviation workers

  2. Layover aircrew: 2 PCR tests and self-isolation before receiving a negative PCR test result

PenaltyUp to HKD 25 000 fine and/or up to 6 month imprisonmentUp to SGD 10 000 fine, removal of PR’s/SC’s permit/pass, up to 6 month jail time
  • The detailed policy changes from 1 September 2020 to 20 August 2021 can be accessed in online supplemental table 1.

  • ART, antigen rapid test; HKD, Hong Kong Dollar; PR, permanent resident; RRT, rostered routine COVID-19 testing; SC, Singapore citizen; SGD, Singapore Dollar; SHN, stay home notice; VTL, Vaccine Travel Lane.