Table 1

Prevalence of past-year intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual violence at pre-pandemic (2019), 12-month follow-up (2020) and 18-month follow-up (2021), and changes since COVID-19 restrictions

IPVNon-partner sexual violence
% (n*)
Prepandemic baseline (2019)n=550
Prevalence with current/former partner†17.5 (96)
12-month follow-up (2020)n=449n=612
Prevalence (past 12 months)17.3 (78)3.0 (18)
 Timing relative to COVID-19 restrictions‡
 Before-COVID-19 restrictions only29.9 (20)
 Since COVID-19 restrictions only43.3 (29)
 Both time periods26.8 (18)
Change in intensity since COVID-19 restrictions if experienced during both time periods§
 Decreased18.9 (4)
 No change32.5 (6)
 Increased48.6 (9)
18-month follow-up (2021)n=404n=591
Prevalence (past 6 months)17.5 (71)3.1 (18)
  • −Item not measured at specified time point.

  • *Weighted.

  • †Item wording specifies ever violence experience with current or former (if no current) partner.

  • ‡Among those with past 12-month IPV at 12-month follow-up (n=67 unweighted; n=78 weighted).

  • §Among AGYW who reported IPV both before and since COVID-19 pandemic (n=19 unweighted; n=18 weighted).

  • AGYW, adolescent girls and young women; IPV, intimate partner violence.