Table 3

GGM challenges faced and suggested solutions

GGM framework planned activityChallengeHow to address them
Formation and approval of GGM Steering CommitteeSteering Committee was formed and approved but it failed to meet, due to the lack of dedicated funding to support GGM Steering Committee meetings.Secure dedicated funding support for this activity.
Engagement of existing regulatory agents including; the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ), Health Professions Authority (HPA), and national law-enforcement agentsDual Strategy only enabled engagement of MCAZ through the Quality Assurance Programme which did not include HPA and law-enforcement agents.Inclusion of all necessary stakeholders will be possible if dedicated funding to support this endeavour is secured for that purpose.
Securing development partner funding to support the GGM implementationWith the new dispensation coming in in November 2017, funding mechanisms and priorities appeared to change resulting less effort being put into securing partner support for GGM.Pursue partner collaborations to secure funding for GGM activities.
Incorporation of GGM into curricula for health professions students (pharmacy, pharmacy technicians, medicine, nursing)Limited funding within COE-PI only allowed for the GGM host (University of Zimbabwe)’s pharmacy students but left out other universities and other health professions students.Secure dedicated funding for the introduction of GGM into the curricula at other health professional training institutions.
Formation of collaborative agreementsLimited funding for COE-PI, to influence change in government policies.
Slowing down of activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Secure dedicated funding to cater for COE-PI projects.
Aggressively adopt and improve online systems to fast track progress made on all activities.
Petitioning for political and policy supportActivities slowed down by limited funding and recently the COVID-19 pandemic.Need to aggressively adopt and improve online systems to fast track progress made on all activities.
AdvocacyLimited funding, inflation due to unstable currency, COVID-19 and shift in government priorities with the new dispensation.Inclusion of an advocacy team in the government decision making committees to push for pharmaceutical agendas.
Monitoring and evaluation system linked to the existing one within the Ministry of Health and Child CareChanges in government priorities resulting in limited funding support for GGM activities.Create an advocacy team comprising of pharmacists in the Ministry of Health and Child Care decision making board.
Increase traceability of medicines within the supply chainReported leakage of medicines from the public to the private sector
Identification of falsified medicines within the system not easily identified.
Introduce GS1 standards with the country supply chain systems for medicines.
  • GGM, Good Governance for Medicines.