Table 2

Comparisons of average monthly incidence and mortality by zoonotic diseases between the emergency and routine stages in 2020 in China

Emergency stageRoutine stageE versus R
20202015–2019Growth rate (%)P value20202015–2019Growth rate (%)P valueGrowth rate (%)P value
Average monthly incidence*0.27560.3714−25.79<0.0010.42810.5160−17.02<0.00155.33<0.001
Average monthly mortality*0.00120.0043−72.39<0.0010.00160.0040−59.30<0.00137.120.55
  • The comparisons between the emergency stage and the routine stage in 2020 are represented by E versus R.

  • *Indicates which disease has a significant long-term downward trend.

  • E, emergency; R, routine.