Table 2

Summary of the different Tiny Targets acceptability elements reported by participants in Dunda (CB) and Bengi-Kitoy (PL), 2018

Acceptability elementsReported by dunda (CB)Reported by Bengi-Kitoy (PL)
Previous knowledge about the disease++
Perception importance of the disease
Perception of nuisances caused by vector++
Perception of good information received+
Perception of Tiny Targets efficacy++/−
Perception of TIny Targets placement strategy effectiveness+
Perception of no negative side effects (for health or environment)+/−Not mentioned
No supernatural danger perceived+/−
No anxiety caused by community outsiders+/−
Assuming control feelingNot mentioned
  • +, present, −, not present,+/−, partly present.

  • CB, community based; PL, programme led.