Table 2

Net change in health and financial outcomes across socioeconomic groups for a ZAR10 minimum unit pricing policy in South Africa

Deaths averted22 60041007400400038001400
Net change in alcohol expenditures (ZAR million)R353 000R46 000R52 000R72 800R84 500R97 600
OOP healthcare cost savings (ZAR million)R2900R200R300R700R1200R500
Government healthcare cost savings (ZAR million)R3900R600R1200R1000R1000R100
Cases of CHE averted564 700176 70082 000115 900153 80036 400
Annual indirect cost savings (ZAR million)R51 100R4700R11 600R8400R11 800R14 700
  • All results projected over a 20-year time horizon.

  • Deaths averted and CHE cases averted rounded to the nearest hundred.

  • Financial outcomes rounded to the nearest hundred million.

  • CHE, Catastrophic health expenditures; OOP, out-of-pocket; QI, poorest wealth quintile; QV, richest wealth quintile; ZAR/R, South African Rand.