Table 2

Eligibility criteria

Exposure of interestAny component of social capital (including bonding, bridging, linking, friends, family, relatives, neighbours, kinship, provider patient relationship, social isolation, social network, social cohesion, social participation, social support, social connection, social mobilisation, community capital, community network, community cohesion, community participation, community support, community connection, community mobilisation, trust, mistrust, reciprocity, emotional support, psychosocial support, neighbourhood cohesion, collective efficacy, solidarity, empowerment, civil society)Studies that explored only social capital without linking them to any aspect of NCDs.
Outcomes of interestNCD prevention (including lifestyle behaviours), NCD management, access to healthcare facilities for NCD care, NCD outcomes including one of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetesStudies that explored NCD perception and experiences without linking them to social capital.
Population groupsRefugees, asylum-seekers, low-wage migrant workers, low-skilled migrants, undocumented migrants, immigrants who lived in poverty, migrants with precarious status, forced migrants (including trafficking victims)Studies that looked at expatriates, white-collar migrants, and internal migrants (rural–urban/urban–rural).
Research method usedAny qualitative methods, or mixed methods if they reported qualitative findingsQuantitative methods and findings
Publication typePrimary studies published in academic journals*Reviews, opinion piece, conference proceedings, editorials and protocols.
Publication yearPublished in or after 1990†
LanguageAny that includes an English abstractNo English abstract
  • *Only academic journals were included to apply a standardised appraisal in the quality assessment on qualitative research to all studies.

  • †These dates were chosen as most public health studies related to social capital were published after 1990.

  • NCDs, non-communicable diseases.