Table 1

Input parameters for disease burden

Annual incidence per 100 000 age<5 years
Non-severe pneumonia cases2623.52361.32905.58 26
Non-severe pneumonia outpatient visits1967.61705.02230.08
Severe pneumonia cases4313.93992.14655.58 26
Severe pneumonia hospitalisations3537.43106.03969.08
Pneumonia deaths168.783.58337.328
Pneumococcal meningitis cases14.72.237.08 26
Pneumococcal meningitis hospitalisations12.11.830.38
Pneumococcal meningitis deaths4.60.711.48
Pneumococcal meningitis sequelae cases8.11.220.33
Pneumococcal sepsis cases154.8110.5211.08 26
Pneumococcal sepsis hospitalisations145.5103.9198.48
Pneumococcal sepsis deaths12.86.425.68
Disability weight for DALY calculations
Non-severe pneumonia5.1%27
Severe pneumonia13.3%27
Pneumococcal meningitis13.3%27
Pneumococcal meningitis sequelae40.2%27
Mean duration of illness (in days)
Non-severe pneumonia6Assumption
Severe pneumonia9Assumption
Pneumococcal meningitis13Assumption
Pneumococcal meningitis sequelae10 yearsAssumption
Pneumococcal sepsis10Assumption
Age distribution of non-severe pneumonia cases
<6 months22%8
<12 months56%8
<24 months90%8
<36 months93%8
<48 months97%8
<59 months100%8
Age distribution of severe pneumonia cases
<6 months24%8
<12 months60%8
<24 months90%8
<36 months93%8
<48 m:97%8
<59 m:100%8
Age distribution of pneumococcal meningitis cases and sequelae
<6 months16%8
<12 months41%8
<24 months81%8
<36 months88%8
<48 months94%8
<59 months100%8
Age distribution of pneumococcal sepsis cases
<6 months16%8
<12 months41%8
<24 months81%8
<36 months88%8
<48 months94%8
<59 months100%8
  • DALY, disability-adjusted-life-year.