Table 4

Factors associated with limited function in people having long COVID symptoms

Independent variablesPost COVID-19 functional status score
R2βP value95% CI
Male gender0.017−0.1310.014*−0.154 to 0.319
Female gender0.0040.0640.010*0.194 to 0.262
Age 50 years and below0.003−0.0510.0001***0.845 to 0.900
Rural people0.000−0.0080.7520.745 to 0.810
Having Mild COVID symptoms0.004−0.0650.0001***0.629 to 0.704
Long COVID-19 Symptoms
Fatigue0.0090.0940.0001***0.110 to 0.170
Pain0.0310.1770.0001***−0.018 to 0.011
Cardiorespiratory functions
Resting heart rate0.099−0.3150.0001***−1.86 to 1.85
Systolic blood pressure0.5090.7140.001**−1.7 to 2.7
Diastolic blood pressure0.5690.7550.001**−0.94 to 3.1
SpO2 at resting0.0010.0120.822−0.92 to 1.9
Inspiratory lung volume0.0730.2710.001**−2.4 to 0.73
Expiratory lung volume0.4850.6960.001**−1.26 to 2.26
Vo2Max0.0460.2130.001**−2.15 to 2.53
  • Significant relationship values with a minimum of 5% margin of error are bolded and marked as * p<0·05, ** p<0·01, *** p<0·001.

  • SpO2, oxygen saturation levels; Vo2max, maximal oxygen consumption.