Table 1

Thematic synthesis coding framework

CodesDescriptive themesAnalytical themes
(1) Sharing experiences (ie, voicing experiences or narrative)(1) Group events (Occurs within the designated, formalised time and space for healing)
(2) Process of presentation (Confined to the time and space of the group programme)
(1) Participant movement, process of change, and transfer of elements (Present between group and community time and space).
(2) Sharing and silence of participants (Present in both group and community time and space)
(2) Learning, teachings, listening, witnessing during group
(3) Easy topics to speak about
(4) Difficult topics to speak about
(5) Advice giving from group members
(6) Topics of concern raised by group members
(7) Participants recognise they are not alone in suffering(3) Process of change (Characterised by change and transition. Transition between group and community time and space; transition from isolated to connected identity)
(4) Connection/reconnection (With individuals of group, interpersonal relationships, and wider community members)
(8) Change in attitudes, perceptions, behaviours
(9) Regaining aspects of self, returning to previous self (pre-conflict)
(10) Finding relief, calm, comfort, restoration (related to healing)
(11) Interpersonal relationship, group, and/or community connection/reconnection (shifting away from social isolation)
(12) Keeping experiences private (ie, silence of participant)(5) Silence of participant (Keeping experiences private in group and community time and space)
(13) ‘Taken away from us’ (ie, aspects of participant lost or ‘taken away’ from them during conflict-time)