Table 1

Programme feedback—‘what one thing could the IGH team do differently to improve the program’, most commonly mentioned themes

ThemeFirst surveySecond survey
  • Better induction, increased QI and project management training

  • Improved defining/matching projects prior to placement

  • Improved handover of projects between fellows

  • Increased QI training

  • More help preparing for reports and paperwork

  • Improved handover of projects between fellows

2On placementComments were varied—a selection of comments: a less paternalistic approach, more support when on placement, strengthen host organisations understanding of the programme, better mentor engagementBetter sustainability through greater involvement of the in-country team
3ReportingFellows asked both for more and less training and structure to reportingMore structure and support in report writing
4PostplacementInclude a formalised debrief with the in-country programme team
  • IGH, Improving Global Health; QI, quality improvement.