Table 4

Exploratory analyses assessing differential effects of UHC Mode by baseline CHW service area coverage and household wealth (Tori only)

Minimum expected home visit coverage
OR95% CIP value
Differential effects by CHW baseline service area coverage
 Treatment x post x CHW performance quartile
 <25th percentile1.59(0.73 to 3.43)0.24
 25th to <75th percentile (ref)
 ≥75th percentile3.28(1.30 to 8.26)0.012
Differential effects by household wealth (Tori only)
 Treatment × post × household wealth quintile
 <20th percentile0.46(0.20 to 1.06)0.069
 20th to <40th percentile0.47(0.17 to 1.31)0.15
 40th to <60th percentile (ref)
 60th to <80th percentile0.39(0.18 to 0.82)0.013
 ≥80th percentile0.43(0.18 to 1.06)0.067
  • Overall main effects model with the addition of a three-way interaction term.

  • CHW, community health worker; UHC, universal health coverage.