Table 2

An overall summary of gross/net cost and cost-effectiveness of iMDA* for all nine countries

UptakeEfficacyGriffin scenarioScale-up cost† (million US$)Net cost‡
(million US$)
CER§ for averted cases (US$)CER§ for averted deaths (US$)
No change667.8177.442435
Accelerate 1667.8232.364123
20%Sustain667.8389.71710 141
No change667.8422.32111 585
Accelerate 1667.8449.82515 954
No change1528.8412.042484
Accelerate 11528.8540.974253
20%Sustain1528.8892.11710 164
No change1528.8969.12111 659
Accelerate 11528.81033.72516 217
No change1662.3453.755057
Accelerate 11662.3597.274374
20%Sustain1662.3970.51710 199
No change1662.31056.52111 742
Accelerate 11662.31128.42616 486
  • All numbers are inflation-adjusted to 2020 US$ and reflect summations from 2023 to 2027 in the nine countries where the ivermectin intervention is applied; severity is set at 3%.

  • *iMDA: ivermectin mass drug administration.

  • †Scale-up cost is the cost of implementing iMDA and includes costs of drug and drug delivery.

  • ‡Net cost of iMDA is the scale-up cost of iMDA minus the cumulative treatment cost averted due to iMDA.

  • §CER: cost-effectiveness ratio.