Table 1

Core messages of audio dramas by intervention group

EpisodeGroup A: Plausible AlternativeGroup B: Avoiding Misinformation
1. DiseasePeople think there is a disease called typhoid-malaria, but these are two different diseases.You can get typhoid by itself, without having other diseases.
2. CauseTyphoid is not caused by mosquitoes, but by contaminated water and food.Typhoid is caused by contaminated water and food.
3. PreventionSleeping under a bednet helps prevent malaria but does not help prevent typhoid. Good hygiene, drinking treated water and cooking food properly help prevent typhoid.Prevent yourself from getting typhoid by cooking your food properly and drinking only treated water.
4. RepetitionRepetition of core messages of episodes 1–3.Repetition of core messages in episodes 1–3.