Table 2

Births, deaths and crude mortality rates by arm

Baseline periodEvaluation period
Delayed armEarly armAllDelayed armEarly armAll
Births5421492210 34319 81218 92638 738
Livebirths5278482610 10419 38218 56537 947
Neonatal deaths (0–28 days)2071783857595401299
 Early neonatal deaths (0–6 days)164134298612387999
 Late neonatal deaths (7–28 days), N434487147153300
Perinatal deaths30622252810377411778
Infants with undetermined outcomes*1895712
Pregnancy-related deaths1912316250112
Neonatal mortality rate per 1000 live births39.236.938.
 Early neonatal mortality rate per 1000 live births31.127.829.531.620.826.3
 Late neonatal mortality rate per 1000 live births8.
Stillbirth rate per 1000 births26.217.922.221.418.720.1
Perinatal mortality rate per 1000 births56.445.151.052.339.145.9
Pregnancy-related mortality ratio per 100 000 live births360.0248.6306.8319.9269.3295.1
  • *These deaths were either: (1) recorded as stillbirths but with the infant breathing or crying after birth; or (2) recorded as neonatal deaths but with no breathing or crying. We sought to minimise the risk of misclassification by reporting these infants as having an undetermined outcome and conducted sensitivity analyses to examine the effect of classifying them as either stillbirths or neonatal deaths.