Table 3

Considerations for development of guidelines when working with under-represented communities

Diverse stakeholder groups
  • Diverse knowledge gained from both personal and professional experiences.

  • Participants can apply their knowledge base to an unknown concept.

  • Technical knowledge holders.

Multiple types of engagement
  • Engagement tailored to participant and stakeholder needs and their preferred style of engagement.

  • Engagement that is multiphasic and ongoing, aimed at confirming that the interpretation of discussions and guidelines represents participants’ intent and views.

  • Provide education and information to upskill participants on technical concepts.

Local champions
  • Partner with respected people or organisations with links to the local community and stakeholder groups.

Governance and leadership by community members
  • A governance structure that has majority membership from the target community group.

  • Diverse skills and expertise.

  • Community leaders with highly respected and recognised professional and community standing.

Location of events
  • Hold event at different locations to cover potential differences in perspectives and affiliations. These locations can be geographically distinct, or hosted by different organisations.