Table 3

Current availability of mortality and cause of death statistics for WHO South East Asia Region countries, 2017–2019

CountryData yearData sourceReported CRVS deathsNational estimate of completeness (%)Reported deaths with MCCD (%)MCCD with ill-defined causes* (%)CRVS committee established
Bangladesh2018UNESCAP questionnaire†196 9102412.532017
Bhutan2018UNESCAP questionnaire391474NilNot applicableNo
India2019Vital Statistics Report 2019257 641 0769221132012
Indonesia2018UNESCAP questionnaire407 518 §2550352019
Maldives2019Maldives Health Profile 2019 371054100100282017
Myanmar2017Statistical Yearbook 201936231 2105919NA2014
Nepal2017UNESCAP questionnaireNot specified¶54NilNot applicableNo
Sri Lanka2019Census and Statistics website38146 05398NANA2019
Thailand2018Public Health Statistics 201834475 7939645242010/2021**
Timor Leste2018UNESCAP questionnaire218723NilNot applicable2017
  • *Coded to the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision (ICD-10) chapter for ‘Symptoms, signs and ill-defined conditions’.

  • †Questionnaire canvassed by UNESCAP to all regional countries to report progress towards the CRVS Decade 2015–2024 targets and goals.24

  • ‡NA=data not available.

  • §Indonesian data are from the health sector recording system.

  • ¶The actual numbers of deaths are not mentioned, and only the per cent of data completeness is provided in the questionnaire.

  • **Thailand has reconstituted the National CRVS committee in 2021.

  • CVRS, Civil Registration and Vital Statistics; MCCD, Medical Certification of Cause of Death; UNESCAP, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific.