Table 1

Overview of the Clinical Functioning Information Tool (ClinFIT) and the WHO and World Bank Model Disability Survey (MDS), both exemplary ICF-based instruments

InstrumentClinFIT COVID-19MDS
DevelopersInternational Society of Physical and Rehabilitation MedicineWorld Bank and WHO
Type of instrumentClinical tool for health professionalsHousehold survey (long version) and module for integration in existing household surveys (brief version)
Target populationPatients in acute, postacute and long-term settingsGeneral population
Type of dataHealth professional ratingSelf-report data obtained through interview by trained interviewers
FunctioningThe acute version collects data about energy and drive, sleep functions, attention functions, emotional functions, pain, respiratory and respiratory muscle functions, exercise tolerance functions, mobility of joint functions, muscle power functions, carrying out daily routine, handling stress and walking.
The postacute version additionally covers moving around and structure of the respiratory system while the long-term version additionally covers moving around, remunerative employment, structure of the respiratory system, and recreation and leisure.
The long version includes 47 questions covering the extent of problems in mobility, hand and arm use, self-care, seeing, hearing, pain, sleep and energy, breathing, affect, interpersonal relationships, handling stress, communication, cognition, household tasks, community participation, caring for others, and work and schooling.
The brief version covers the extent of problems in mobility, self-care, sleep and energy, handling stress, cognition, household tasks and community participation.
Environmental factorsNo information is collected.Broad inventory of questions about:
  • Hindering or facilitating aspects of the general environment.

  • Use and need for personal assistance.

  • Family and social support.

  • Attitudes of others.

  • Accessibility to information.

  • Regular use of medication.

  • Use and need for assistive products for self-care, mobility, cognition, seeing and hearing.

  • Presence and need of modifications at home, school, work and community.

Conceptual frameworkInternational Classification of Functioning, Disability and HealthInternational Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
  • ICF, International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.