Table 3

Factors that facilitated the integration of neglected tropical disease

Modes of integrationLogisticsGood governanceMotivated actorsPolicyCommunity engagement
With other NTDsAvailability of public health infrastructure
Adequate funding53
 Multilevel stakeholders43 50 63Health workers willingness to provide integrated services25 26Use of trusted community health workers51
Community sensitisation24 26 64
Health promotion campaigns,23 33 34
Water, sanitation and hygiene programmesGood coordination between community workers and supervisors.31Community education and sensitisation.32 34
Immunisation programmesGovernment ownership35Policy supporting integrating methods46Timely communication
Vector controlCommunity sensitisation38
Primary healthcareNational strategic plan ownership24 44Willingness of health workers43 44
Malaria programmesUse of trusted community drug distributors45Community mobilisation and sensitisation45