Table 6

Results of included interventional studies

SettingQFood environment characteristicModified outcome and significance*
 Chawla, 201799FXNY
 Bonvecchio-Arenas, 2010108; Safdie, 201395FXXXYY
 Shamah Levy, 201233FXXY
 Yazdi-Feyzabadi, 201897FXN
 Aghdam, 201896PXXXYY
 Steyn, 201598PXXNN
 Bandoni, 2011100PXY
  • Quality: G: good, F: fair, P: poor.

  • *Outcome Y: yes, a significant outcome was reported; N: no a significant outcome was not reported; O: other.

  • Acc, accessibility; Aff, affordability; Av, availability; Conv, convenience; D, desirability; M&R, marketing and regulation; V/P, vendor or product properties.