Table 4

Characteristics of included interventional studies

Study IDStudy setting (country, setting)Study designDates of data collectionPopulation (n, description, age)Food environment characteristic/sLength of interventionOutcome
Aghdam, 201896Tabriz, Iran; SchoolcRCT20154 control and four intervention schools. 436 children (mean age 9.6). 55.6% female.Av; M&R; D4 weeksD; N
Bandoni, 2011100Sao Paulo, Brazil; WorkplacescRCTNot reported15 intervention and 14 control companies. 1296 and 1214 workers aged 18+ per round of data collection (independent samples). Male majority.M&R6 monthsD
Bonvecchio-Arenas, 2010; Safdie, 201395 108Mexico City, Mexico; School3-arm cRCT2006–20088 basic intervention schools, 7 intervention-plus schools and 11 control schools. 830 students (mean age 9.7 years). 50% females. Mean BMI 19.8 and prevalence of overweight/obesity 43%.Av; M&R; D18 monthsH, D
Chawla, 201799Bangkok, Thailand; SchoolcRCTNot reported2 intervention and two control schools. 452 children aged 10–12 (mean age 9.7 (intervention) 10.0 (control)). 53.5% females. 19.7% overweight or obese in the control group, 16.6% in the intervention group at baseline.Av;6 monthsH, D
Shamah Levy, 201233State of Mexico, Mexico; SchoolcRCT2010–201130 intervention and 30 control schools. 997 children mainly aged 10–13 (modal age 10). 51.6% females and 49.7% females in intervention and control group respectively. Mean BMI 18.6–18.8.Av; M&R6 monthsH
Steyn, 201598Western Cape, South Africa; SchoolControlled study2009–20118 intervention and eight control schools. 998 children (mean age 9.9 in 2009, 12.3 in 2011)Av; M&R3 yearsD, N
Yazdi-Feyzabadi, 201897Kerman, Iran; SchoolCross-sectional study201540 schools 1242 children. 47.8% femaleM&R~4 yearsD
  • Study design cRCT: food environment characteristics.

  • Given the heterogeneity in study design, methodology, exposure and outcomes, we have performed a narrative synthesis.

  • The characteristics of the food environment investigated in the included studies are further described in table 2.

  • Av, availability; BMI, body mass index; cRCT, cluster randomised controlled trial; D, desirability; M&R, marketing and regulation; N, nutrition; outcome H, health; V/P, vendor or product properties.