Table 3

Multivariate Poisson regression* to identify participant and narrative characteristics associated with sharing a story about sexual interactions

aRR†95% CIP value
Participants’s age
 13 to 171.01(0.91 to 1.14)0.804
 18 to 240.99(0.89 to 1.09)0.785
 25 to 341.05(0.96 to 1.16)0.296
 35 to 441.06(0.96 to 1.18)0.246
 45 and older1.00
Participant’s marital status
 Single/never married0.99(0.92 to 1.07)0.819
 Married/living with partner0.87(0.81 to 0.94)0.001
Participant’s level of education
 None0.94(0.85 to 1.04)0.208
 Primary school1.05(0.98 to 1.13)0.163
 Secondary school1.00(0.95 to 1.05)0.963
 University/technical training1.00
Participant’s household income level
 Poor0.95(0.89 to 1.01)0.114
 Average0.98(0.93 to 1.03)0.489
 Beni1.00(0.93 to 1.06)0.883
 Bukavu0.85(0.79 to 0.91)<0.001
 Bunia0.98(0.92 to 1.05)0.593
 Goma1.02(0.94 to 1.09)0.672
 Kalemie0.75(0.69 to 0.81)<0.001
Who micro-narrative was about
 Me0.82(0.73 to 0.92)0.001
 Family member1.05(0.96 to 1.16)0.300
 Someone else I know1.14(1.05 to 1.25)0.002
 Someone I heard1.00
Micro-narrative emotional tone
 Positive0.92(0.87 to 0.98)0.007
Outcome fair to woman/girl
 Fair1.07(1.02 to 1.12)0.003
 Neutral1.05(0.86 to 1.28)0.628
Feelings about the micro-narrative
 Positive0.88(0.80 to 0.96)0.006
 Negative0.98(0.91 to 1.06)0.567
Role of UN personnel
 Armed/unarmed soldier1.14(1.00 to 1.30)0.056
 Civilian1.16(1.00 to 1.34)0.049
 UN Police1.19(0.99 to 1.44)0.059
 Worked for NGO1.15(0.91 to 1.44)0.245
 About poverty1.08(1.04 to 1.12)<0.001
 Not about poverty1.00
Story prompt
 Experience of females near UN base1.69(1.55 to 1.85)<0.001
 Experience of females interacted with UN personnel1.76(1.61 to 1.92)<0.001
 UN presence help or harm females1.00
  • *Variables were included if p<0.1 in demographic and story characteristics tables. N=1781.

  • †aRR, adjusted relative risk with all other variables in the table controlled for.