Table 1

Proposed social interventions to address contexts of women’s mental distress in conflict and promote mental health competencies

Community mental health competencies
(Burgess 201278; Burgess et al 201723)
Local definition and contexts tackledSample social interventions and strategies to develop competency
KnowledgeKnowledge about mental health-related services, when they should be accessed (including support with substance use)
Promoting knowledge about indigenous practices and systems of healing; and organisations that work with survivors of IPV
(Cultural and Political contexts)
Group-based narrative therapy, combined with social interventions/support72
Safe spaces and dialogueSpaces to promote the development of critical consciousness to explore how structural issues, particularly the patriarchy, link to mental health experiences
Work to challenge wider public discourses that enable gender-based violence
(Cultural and political contexts)
Community conversations Emphasis on intergenerational approach (conversations between women and their female lineage)
Community radio and other media projects (film, storytelling, performance art, photography)79–81
Solidarity and identification of local strengthsSpaces to identify and build on local strengths and existing capacities in order to establish long-term local efforts to deal with structural violence (Cultural Economic and political contexts)Group-based approaches such as women’s circles which are augmented with microfinance or livelihood projects82
Partnerships with external agenciesOpportunities to establish links to public and private sector agents to support efforts to ensure stable economic and social development
(Economic, and political contexts)
Training for victim support advisor to support establishing networks between social and economic organisations and communities
Appropriate funding mechanisms for women’s development programming
  • IPV, intimate partner violence.