Table 2

Summary characteristics of included studies (N=20)

Study characteristicsNo of studiesStudy characteristicsNo of studies
Published yearComparator group
 20091Rural residents only6
 20101Urban residents only3
 20111Rural and urban residents9
 20132General population1
 20153Statistical methods on outcomes
 20162Descriptive statistics only5
 20201Multivariate regression analysis15
Study design
 Pooled cross-sectional3
 National13OutcomesNo of studies
 City1Risk risk factors
 Municipal4Tobacco use13
 District1Alcohol use13
 Township1Unhealthy diet2
Sampling methodPhysical inactivity6
 Multistage stratified sampling12Overweight6
 Quota sampling1Obesity7
 Random cluster sampling1Central obesity2
 Spatial probability sampling1Raised blood pressure6
 Not specified5Raised blood sugar3
Definition of migrantRaised blood lipid2
 By hukou status10NCD Management
 By residential status7Diagnosis0
 By health insurance1Treatment4
 Not specified2Control2
  • NCD, non-communicable disease.