Table 1

Components of M-CAT

FormsA set of paper forms containing questions to systematically collect information on symptoms, signs and test results of risk conditions during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The forms are to be administered by the ASHAs during their home visits
SoftwareA multilingual software application built on diagnostic algorithms, that generates rigorous initial clinical diagnoses, based on the information collected by the ASHAs. The algorithms consider clusters of symptoms, signs and test results and do not rely on discrete non-specific symptoms. For example, a woman with swelling of the limbs, tiredness and high blood pressure will be provisionally identified with both anaemia and pre-eclampsia
ReportsThe reports generated by the software include (1) summary reports for the ASHAs, ANMs and the MO, (2) one medical case sheet per woman for the MO and (3) a set of worksheets for the researcher
CommunicationThe reports are communicated to the ASHAs, ANMs and MO, prompting them to take timely action to manage risks
  • ANMs, auxiliary nurse midwives; ASHAs, accredited social health activists; M-CAT, Maternal Clinical Assessment Tool; MO, medical officers.