Table 1

Characteristics of the selected vaccines

CriteriaEbola virus disease (rVSV-ZEBOV)Yellow fever (17D)Meningitis A (MenAfriVac)
Cold chain requirements−70°C2°C–8°C722°C–8°C73
Dose regimenSingle doseSingle doseSingle dose74
Target populations during outbreak-related campaignsAdults aged ≥18 years*
Healthcare workers, contacts of confirmed cases and contacts of contacts
Children and adults† aged ≥9 months72Children and adults aged 1–29 years74
RegionsDemocratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, UgandaAfrica and South America‘Meningitis belt’ in Africa—sub-Saharan Africa from Senegal to Ethiopia73
Year developed/licensed201975192772201073
Key similarities with COVID-19 vaccinesPrimarily targeted adults; required ultra-cold chain managementTargeted adults as well as childrenTargeted adults as well as children
  • *Children aged 6–17 years also included in some phase 1–3 trials76; children >6 months were included in the 2018–2020 outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo under compassionate use protocol.77

  • †Upper limit age group varied by outbreak.