Table 2

Characteristics of transgender and non-binary adults who reported a positive COVID-19 test in the COVID-19 Disparities Survey II (n=16)

 Continuous range: 19–45 (M, SD)28.137.31
Young adult
 Yes (18–29)1275.00
 No (30+)425.00
Gender spectrum
 Trans feminine318.75
 Trans masculine212.50
Level of education
 Less than high school531.25
 High school, or trade425.00
 Some college or more743.75
Socioeconomic income
 South-East Asia00.00
 Eastern Mediterranean16.25
 Western Pacific00.00
Mental health and substance use
Suicide ideation
 Often/all the time531.25
Active alcohol use disorder
Tobacco use
Gender affirmation
Hormone utilisation
 No, not applicable1168.75
Limited access to therapy or counselling
Limited access to surgery
Limited access to medical materials
Limited access to non-medical materials
Economic challenges
Had more than 20% reduction in income
Had not been able to meet basic needs with current income
Had cut or skipped meals due to financial strains
Healthcare experience
Avoided healthcare services due to gender identity
Mistreated in health facility due to gender identity
  • Column percentages are reported. Sample sizes stratified by variables may not add up to total sample size due to missingness.