Table 5

Robustness tests—partisanship and alternative measure of media bias

Left-wing media bias exposure—Ad Fontes−0.0002* (0.0001)
Right-wing media bias exposure —Ad Fontes0.0000 (0.0001)
Left-wing media bias exposure—AllSides−0.0011* (0.0005)
Right-wing media bias exposure—AllSides0.0005 (0.0007)
Conservative−0.0006 (0.0049)
Liberal−0.0067 (0.0053)
Pseudo R2 0.29930.2978
Wald Χ2 668.3†661.32†
  • The coefficients reported are average marginal effects. Robust SEs are shown in parentheses. All of the covariates listed in table 1 have been included in the regression.

  • *Denotes statistical significance at the 5% level.

  • †Denotes statistical significance at the 1% level.

  • ‡Denotes statistical significance at the 10% level.