Table 1

Summary statistics

COVID-19 positive test0.03510.184001
Right-wing media bias exposure20.279128.81060306.02
Left-wing media bias exposure31.200535.52720230.21
Awareness of COVID-19 symptoms0.12170.327001
Daily Facebook user0.46360.498701
Daily Twitter user0.08920.285101
Daily Reddit user0.04000.195901
Regular media user0.60240.489401
Trust the media0.20240.401801
Vote Biden0.45550.498001
Non-Hispanic black0.08750.285601
Non-Hispanic others0.08790.283101
Non-Hispanic white (reference category)0.72370.447201
Income below $25 0000.18760.390401
Income $25 000–44 0000.14100.348101
Income $45 000–69 0000.15640.363301
Income $70 000–99 0000.15000.357101
Income $100 000 and over (reference category)0.30100.458701
High school dropout0.04550.208301
Age 18–240.04930.216401
Age 25–340.15010.357201
Age 35–440.16600.372101
Age 45–540.14630.353401
Age 55–640.17750.382101
Age 65 and over (reference category)0.27120.444601
Children 1 or 20.24080.427601
Children 3 or more0.07370.261301
  • The final sample used in this study consists of 8182 respondents. Data used in this study are unweighted. With the exception of left-wing and right-wing media bias exposure variables, all other variables are binary.