Table 1

T&T success to date in the procurement of vaccines

Type of vaccineNumber of vaccines receivedFacility/country through which the vaccines were receivedDate and time the vaccines were received
AstraZeneca2000Donated from the Government of Barbados10 February 2021
AstraZeneca40 000Donated by the Government of India13 April 2021
AstraZeneca9000Donated by the Government of Bermuda to Trinidad and Tobago24 May 2021
AstraZeneca6000Donated from the Government of St. Vincent27 May 2021
AstraZeneca10 000Donated from the Government of Grenada30 May 2021
AstraZeneca33 600COVAX facility30 March 2021
AstraZeneca33 600COVAX facility10 May 2021
Sinopharm100 000Donated by the Government of the People’s Republic of China419 May 2021
Sinopharm200 000Purchased from China5 614 June 2021
Sinopharm800 000Purchased from China713 July 2021