Table 2

Organisational background of individuals in JEE teams

Organisation typeObservationsFrequency
Public agency48643% of total team members
 Public agency based in a high-income country31966% of public agency officials
  … in particular, the USA101
  … in particular, a Nordic country64
 Public agency based in a low-income or middle-income country16734% of public agency officials
WHO38635% of total team members
International organisation (non-WHO)16415% of total team members
NGO/private545% of total team members
Independent283% of total team members
  • We present these data based on individuals’ participation in JEE teams (1118 observations, excluding copywriters as noted above), and not based on unique individuals in our dataset, as we are interested in the mix of expert backgrounds present in JEE visits. Country income classifications are based on World Bank data from 2016, the first year of JEE roll-out.

  • JEE, Joint External Evaluation; NGO, non-governmental organisation.