Table 1

Participant recruitment strategies

Study postersPosted in community locations, including Bangladeshi grocery stores, restaurants, faith centres and community centres.
LeafletsDistributed at community gatherings, including prayers centres, cultural events and smaller social gatherings.
  •  Recruitment invitations were sent via email through Bangladesh Canada Association of Calgary email lists to all community members.

  •  Other sociocultural organisations were also requested to send out the invitation through their email listserv.

AdvertisementsPlaced in a local Bengali newspaper.
Social networking site
  •  Campaigns were undertaken through Facebook and Twitter.

  •  Sociocultural organisations were also requested to promote the study invitation through their social networking site pages.

Crowdsourcing of data through online survey platformWe initiated an online platform for the survey component and used the above approaches to disseminate the invitation to participate in the online survey.
Snowball method
  •  Key community leaders and influencers were identified and contacted for their support in recruiting potential participants for both the focus group and survey. As people were enrolled, they were encouraged to provide additional contacts based on their own personal social networks.

  •  Our community scholar and citizen researchers also played a major role in recruiting study participants through their social networks.

  •  We conducted regular sessions with our community scholar and citizen researchers about the ethics involved in conducting research in the community. We explained to them the importance of different aspects of the research process, including informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, and conflicts of interest. We also encouraged our citizen researchers to complete the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2) online modules. TCPS2 is a Canadian guideline for the ethical conduct of research involving humans and/or human biological materials.