Table 1

Our proposed framing of reflexivity based on three elements after drawing on reflexivity in qualitative research and indigenous practices of knowing, being and doing

Selected attributes of reflexivity in qualitative researchSelected attributes of indigenous practices of knowing, being and doingFraming ‘reflexivity in practice’ comprising of three elements
  • A continuing process of conscious self-awareness while living in the moment

  • Must acknowledge power relations; requires readiness for discomfort

  • Not in isolation but through dialogues with others; a learning process that leads to collective reflexivity

  • Primarily a Western approach; must recognise other indigenous approaches as equally valuable

  • Wholistic approach, where the people situate themselves in relation to others, the community, the nation and the world

  • Maintaining relationships is essential; to be reflexive is to take responsibility and become accountable for actions

  1. Self-understanding

  2. Dialogue with peers

  3. Insights-to-action