Table 1

Field applications of longitudinal network analysis in the USA and India

Details of LNA applicationUSAIndia
Sample sizes
(T1, T2)
Network A
Time 1: 8
Time 2: 9
Network B
Time 1: 21
Time 2: 19 (of which, 11 also responded in Time 1)
Time 2: 21
Time 2: 26
Time periodOctober–December 2015 to May–June 2016End 2014–2017
Variables assessedPresence/absence of any links; information sharing; resource sharing; collaborationPresence/absence of working relationship
Network measures calculated (based on one-way and confirmed ties)Network density, centrality, multiplexity, betweennessNetwork density, centrality, homophily
  • LNA, longitudinal network analysis.