Table 4

Interpersonal Abuse Scale: results of exploratory factor analysis by country

Item (7 items)Nigeria
Factor loadingUniquenessFactor loadingUniquenessFactor loadingUniqueness
1. Shouted/screamed at0.770.410.840.290.680.54
2. Insulted0.770.400.710.500.720.48
3. Scolded0.720.480.480.770.580.67
4. Mocked0.670.550.680.530.740.46
5. Negative comments0.560.680.460.780.490.76
6. Threatened0.640.600.690.530.500.75
7. Physical abuse *0.580.670.640.600.550.70
Internal reliability
KR-20 coefficient0.710.570.54
Deleted items
1.Was the woman blamed for her or her baby’s poor health outcomes? Omitted due to low frequency
2.Was the woman hissed at? Nigeria-specific item
  • *Any physical abuse=at least one experience of the following: pinched, kicked, slapped, punched, hit with instrument, gagged, physically tied to the bed, held down to the bed forcefully, given forceful downward pressure on abdomen, other use of physical force.

  • KR-20, Kuder-Richardson-20 coefficient.