Table 2

Preparation and conduct of data collection for second and third case studies (during COVID-19)

PreparationData collection
  • Listed COVID-19 state protocols for the community gathering and precautionary measures to adhere to during (digital) field work.

  • Explored different media of conducting meetings including setting up zoom calls, Whatsapp video/audio calls, non-internet phone conference calls, etc).

  • Revised Institutional Review Board protocol, tools and procedures (recruitment sheet and consent form) to enable oral consent, support community researchers with fieldwork recruitment, collection, data management and include COVID-19 impact in scope of research.

  • Undertook inquiries to shape participant recruitment and sampling for group and individual interviews.

  • Ensured abidance with COVID-19 guidance and protocols (social distancing, water and soap for handwashing, mask use).

  • Captured photograph of the participants while sitting for the FGD, with prior permission of the group (for internal processes only).

  • Consent and interviews were conducted using the community researcher’s phones on speaker mode, recorded on investigator phones and immediately stored in the institution cloud with access restricted to the research team alone.

  • Source: authors.

  • FGD, Focus Group Discussion.