Table 4

Health financing data

CountryNameYear establishedMajor revision to entitlementsIncome group at year of establishmentGovernment spend on health at year of establishment (% THE)External spend on health at year of establishment (% THE)
AfghanistanBasic Package of Health Services (previously Essential Package of Hospital Services and Integrated Package of Health Services)20032019Low7.306.60
ArgentinaArgentina Plan Nacer/SUMAR20042015Upper middle526.30
BangladeshEssential Package of Health Services (EPHS) (previously Essential Service Delivery Package (ESD), Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Development Programme (HPNSDP))1998Low28.708
Acceso Universal a Garantías Explícitas/Garantías Explícitas en Salud
20052006, 2007, 2010, 2013Upper middle390.20
ChinaNew Rural Co-operative Medical Scheme2002Lower middle25.400.15
ColombiaMandatory Health Plan (POS)19932012, 2015Lower middle750
Dominican RepublicHealth Services Plan (PDSS) (previously Basic Health Plan)20012016Lower middle613
EthiopiaEssential Health Services Package (EHSP), building on Health Service Extension Program20052019Low4222
GhanaNational Health Insurance2003Low2913
HondurasHonduras Basic Health Package (PBS)2003Lower middle37.909.50
IndiaPradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) (previously Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana)20082018Lower middle20.901.50
IndonesiaJaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN)2014Lower middle34.502.00
KazakhstanState Guaranteed Health Benefits Package (SGHBP)20092014Upper middle760.30
KenyaUniversal health coverage (pilot, under the National Hospital Insurance Fund)2018Lower middle42.7017.90
LebanonEssential healthcare benefit package (EHCP)2016Upper middle49.700.80
MexicoMexico’s Seguro Popular20032013–2018Upper middle41.500.0*
MoroccoRégime d’Assistance Médicale (RAMED)2012Lower middle42.500.60
PeruThe Essential Health Insurance Plan (PEAS)20092012Upper middle502.10
PhilippinesNational Health Insurance Program (NHIP), PhilHealth19952000, 2003, 2014Lower middle443.50
RwandaMutuelles de Santé/Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI)20042011Low25.7047
SenegalCouverture Maladie Universelle2013Lower middle26.709.40
ThailandThailand universal healthcare2002Lower middle620.20
UgandaUganda National Minimum Health Care Package (UNMHCP)1994Low24.7027.40
Uruguay The Comprehensive Health Care Plan (PIAS)2008Upper middle490.06
VietnamBasic Package of Health Services (BPHS)2009Lower middle36.22.5
ZambiaNational Health Insurance Scheme2020Lower middle39.1†44.6
  • For health benefits packages (HBPs) established prior to 2000, we used the closest available year.

  • *There were no available data from the WB Databank for external expenditure for Mexico. For this country instead we use the WHO Global Health Expenditure Database (GHED), but the definitions are different between the two sources (GHED using current health expenditure and WB Databank using THE).

  • †Data from 2018 were used rather than 2020 as it was the closest available year.

  • THE, total health expenditure.