Table 3

Determinants* of increased risk of abortion-related complication severity compared with mild complications

Moderate† versus mild‡PLTC§ versus mild‡SMO¶ versus mild‡
Age (in years)≤19 years0.80.7 to 10.90.7 to to 1.8
20–29 years0.90.9 to 110.7 to to 1.3
≥30 yearsReferenceReferenceReferenceReferenceReferenceReference
Marital statusSingle1.20.9 to to 2.71.9**1.1 to 3.3
Other than singleReferenceReferenceReferenceReferenceReferenceReference
Prior pregnancies1 or more0.90.8. to to to 1.9
Gestational age (in weeks)≥130.70.4 to to 6.31.8**1.2 to 2.7
Undetermined0.70.5 to to 2.70.790.6 to 1.5
Expulsion of products of conception before arrival to facilityYes1.20.7 to 2.23.2**2.2 to 4.71.8**1.3 to 2.4
  • *Models clustered around country.

  • †Moderate complications (heavy bleeding, suspected intra-abdominal injury or infection).

  • ‡Mild complications (based on abnormal physical examination findings on initial assessment (vital signs, appearance, mental status, abdominal examination, gynaecological examination)).

  • §PLTC, potentially-life threatening complications (WHO potentially-life threatening conditions (severe haemorrhage, severe systemic infection or suspected uterine perforation)).

  • ¶SMOs, severe maternal outcomes (WHO near-miss criteria and mortality).

  • **P value <0.05.

  • AOR, adjusted OR.