Table 5

Results of latent class analysis

VariableGroup 1%–19.8% of sampleGroup 2%–32.1% of sampleGroup 3%–48.1% of sample
βSEP valueβSEP valueβSEP value
Constant for not accepting either job4.47‡0.61<0.01−1.75‡0.21<0.011.5‡0.11<0.01
Supportive community1.56‡0.38<0.010.59‡0.06<0.010.8‡0.06<0.01
Presence of security0.62‡0.18<0.010.43‡0.04<0.010.58‡0.05<0.01
Disciplinary action for poor attendance0.0590.280.85−0.50‡0.09<0.01−0.61‡0.09<0.01
Good attendance considered in promotion and transfer decisions0.93‡0.330.010.38‡0.08<0.010.64‡0.08<0.01
Good attendance rewarded with bonus points for placement in higher education or training−0.070.490.880.64‡0.09<0.010.74‡0.08<0.01
Incentive payment for posting (per 1% of base salary)0.05‡0.02<0.010.04‡<0.01<0.010.05‡<0.01<0.01
  • McFaddens’ Pseudo R2=0.25, AIC=6165.6, AICc=6331.5.

  • *, ‡ indicate statistical significance at p=0.1, 0.05 and 0.01, respectively.

  • NA, not applicable.