Table 1

Cluster level distribution of data per arm

Incentivised peer navigator (IPN)Peer navigator distribution +HIVST (PND)Peer navigator no HIVST (SOC)
Number of peer navigator pairs per arm888
Number of referral packs distributed per arm158514801098
Mean age of pack recipients per arm22.023.022.5
Peer navigator pair months (pnm) of work per cluster666
Mean number of hours peer navigator pairs spent on distributing packs per cluster629.881639.631423.75
Mean number of referral packs distributed per cluster198.13185.00137.25
Mean number of 18–30 year olds linked/pnm per cluster1.042.312.31
  • HIVST, HIV self-testing; IPN, incentivised peer network; PND, peer navigator direct distribution; SOC, standard of care.