Table 3

Cost (US$) per pack distributed and young person linked to PrEP/ART per arm

Standard of careIncentivised peer distributionPeer navigator distribution
Capital costs
EquipmentUS$13 094US$13 205US$13 093
Total capital costsUS$18,5981US$18 710US$18 598
Recurrent costs
Personnel costsUS$47 277US$27 227US$52 729
Incentives paid0$2730
Oraquick test kit0$6781$6444
Other supplies$3015$3231$3186
Other recurrent$104$396$181
Total recurrent costs51 158$38 345$63 713
Total cost69 757$57 055$82 311
Number of HIVST distributed031702960
Number of referral pack distributed109815851480
Number of young people aged 18–30 linked to PrEP/ART11150111
Unit costs per
HIVST delivered NA $18 $28
Per referral pack distributed $64 $36 $56
Per young person linked to PrEP/ART $628 $1141 $742
  • ART, antiretroviral therapy ; HIVST, HIV self-testing; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis.