Table 2B

Baseline reports of intimate partner violence, and attitudes and beliefs among ever-partnered participants included in the intention-to-treat analysis, by trial arm

Type of intimate partner violence/abuseIntervention (N=549)*
n (%)
Control (N=574)
n (%)
 Ever320 (58%)325 (57%)
 Past year141 (26%)140 (24%)
 Ever215 (39%)239 (42%)
 Past year105 (19%)130 (23%)
 Ever407 (74%)406 (71%)
 Past year249 (45%)252 (44%)
Disclosed violence in past year (among those experiencing physical/sexual IPV in past year)138/187 (74%)147/203 (72%)
Attitudes accepting of IPV319 (58%)296 (51%)
Believes a woman should tolerate violence in order to keep her family together496 (90%)497 (86%)
Believes IPV is a private matter and others should not intervene64 (12%)69 (12%)
  • *Three women (intervention n=2, control n=1) reported at baseline never being partnered, so excluded from the analysis.

  • IPV, intimate partner violence.